Fall is Upon Us!

FavoriteThingsAboutFall.SierraMontuoriThe nights are getting cooler and the days are getting shorter which means that Fall is here! And with the change of the weather comes a change in daily activities. From watching football to carving pumpkins, there are so many fun things to do. So I asked some fellow students what their favorite things are about fall! Sierra Mountuori, a psychology major and dance minor, told me that she “Enjoys stepping on crunchy leaves on the way to class”, which is a really good way to pass time on the long walk! Our very own director of traditions for SEB, Katie Gordon, likes how Fall “changes campus into a whole different place, and it is when the campus looks most beautiful.” Katie also enjoys wearing cozy sweaters, flannels, and fuzzy socks during the cool days. Hannah Sive, a sophomore on the women’s crew team, is excited for Halloween weekend because she will be back on campus from Chesapeake semester and will get to see all of her friends! The fall is a great season that brings many friends together!

Brooke Harig

Staff Photographer

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