Key Item to have in College: A Keurig

Keurig-saleBeing a freshman, I found that there are key items to have in order to survive. One of them is a Keurig. I believe that having a Keurig is essential because it helps energize you. And it doesn’t just make coffee, it makes tea and hot chocolate as well. From the past couple of years, I learned that sometimes you need an energy boost to get ready for the day. Either from lack of sleep, or having a gruesome schedule or just having a crappy day, making your favorite drink in morning can help you through the day. With a Keurig, there are variety of flavors that range from your normal hazelnut to exotic flavors like mudslide coffee or chocolate glazed donut. If coffee isn’t your forte, there are also tea flavors like green tea, vanilla chai or raspberry iced tea. Any of these hot beverages don’t appease you, there is just the simply hot chocolate that never gets old. And if you don’t have a Keurig, there is always the dining hall, Java George, or any other place on campus (and in town!) that sells delicious beverages! I believe that having your favorite snacks and beverages in your dorm can help make a day more relaxing as well as more satisfying if the places on campus just don’t fit your appetite needs that day.

Ben Cooper

Staff Writer

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