Family Fall Weekend: Reconnecting with your Family

fall-leaves copyCollege is a big life transition that is pretty monumental. It can be scary too—being on your own for the first time, away from your parents is not something everyone is used to. Parent weekend is a chance for students to show their parents’ their new life that they created. It is an opportunity to show them all the fabulous places that you spend your free time, to introduce them to all your news friends, but most importantly it is about proving that you can do well on your own. It is a big accomplishment to learn how to live on your own. But with showing your parents around, it is important to know what is appropriate and what is not. However, all of this is subjective since everyone’s relationship with their parents varies. For instance, it would not be smart to tell stories that tend to lean towards the racy and raunchy side; that goes along with showing them places that tie into that matter as well. It would be nice to show your parents the campus, especially if they have not seen it before or are not quite as familiar with it. Take them to the crab feast or the waterfront festival; showing them around town is a good way to bond as well as a way to get to know the town better. Though you seem fine on your own, everyone misses their mom and dad from time to time, and they just want to know that you still care and haven’t forgotten about them. Yes, parents’ weekend is about showing them your new college life, but it is also about bonding with them and keeping up with your relationship. They just want make sure that you’re doing okay and that you are not struggling to keep afloat. They are your parents and they understand that you have new life here, but make sure to spend some time with them since they came down to see you.

Ben Cooper

Staff Writer

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