Let’s Ask Students: Who is Your Favorite Professor?

UntitledWe all have that one favorite professor who just seems to inspire us. Who’s words of wisdom and impeccable personalities transcend beyond the classroom! I asked a bunch of fellow students who their favorite professors are and I received many different answers; and with such a wide rang of majors and professors it was no surprise! From biology to art and all the departments in between, my list was very diverse. However, there are a few professors whose names I wrote down more than once. The two professors with the most popularity among the students I asked are professor Marteel-Parrish who teaches chemistry, and professor Krochmal who teaches biology. Both of these professors are charismatic and any one can see why they are considered the most popular. Three Professors share the second best popularity status; Professor Prud’homme, who teaches political science, Professor Hall, who teaches English, and Professor Connaughton, who teaches Biology. With such a fantastic faculty it is hard to pick a favorite professor and that is why many share the title of “Favorite”.

Brooke Harig

Staff Photographer

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