Tattoos: A New Form of Expression

image-01Tattoos can be considered a work of art—for some, it really is an art form. Each one is unique as the last. Just looking around campus, you can find a variety of different assortments! Black and white tattoos are the norm for most, but putting color in the mix has been getting more and more popular. Being a tattoo enthusiast myself, I decided to do my own research with one of my friends, Danielle Glenn. Since she just got her colored tattoo a few weeks ago, I figured her memory would be fresh. When I asked why she picked color over the normal black and white, she said, “Black and white is boring, and I am not a boring person! Teal and purple are my favorite colors so I figured why not!” She got a double infinity on her wrist and I asked about process:

“It did not take long, probably half an hour at the most. The tattoo artist had to find colors that matched the shading. He started with darker colors then went over the dark with lighter colors so that the colors could blend correctly. Colors fade and I wanted mine to be vibrant as long as possible so I added black lines into the mix. The black lines, depending on how thick the lines are, can increase the longevity of the colors before fading. Plus it made the shape a clear, poignant image—I didn’t want the colors to blend into a brown mesh!” -Danielle Glenn

She liked her tattoo so much that she decided to get another colored one on the back of her right shoulder. Tattoos are interesting works of art, and they can tell a story. You just have to take the time to listen. Colorful or not, tattoos are gorgeous and unique. It also doesn’t hurt to compliment someone on their tattoos because people are proud of their tattoos, plus it’ll make their day!

Ben Cooper

Staff Writer

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