Yoga: Relieving Stress and Reaching Tranquility

imageYoga, ironically, earned the stigma as being a feminine activity, even though it was invented by a man in India hundreds of years ago. Though it is female dominated, it does not mean men are not allowed to do it. I recommend it to anyone willing to try it. Yoga is very beneficial, especially for athletes and people with body injuries. Yoga allows your muscles to loosen and stretch, your bones to strengthen, and for your body to become more limber. Yoga is hardcore especially since you’re lifting your own body weight and twisting your limbs into positions you never thought of. But yoga takes practices—it does not magically destroy your problems or make you a levitating god. With all the deep breathing and specified poses, it allows your body and nerves to relax. It also helps that all you can focus on is your movement, so a lot of the stress and anxieties slowly vanish. Yoga is known for meditation purposes and allows your body the tranquil peace it deserves. Yoga falls into line as on of the many other fitness classes we have here on campus (though the art of yoga was founded first!) meaning it is here to help you. It’s not for everyone though, especially if you are not patient. Fitness is a good thing, but it is not supposed to hurt you.

Ben Cooper

Staff Writer

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