Mt. Vernon: The Center of New Beginnings

image-6Mount Vernon is where George Washington lived for most of his life, which makes since why the freshmen class started visiting there a few years back -it’s symbolic. It’s nice to see where it all began, and who the founder (and our first president) was. It’s a great tradition where freshman start a new chapter, and, when it comes to it, seniors get to go back and say their goodbyes. It’s a nice segue between life transitions. Being able to go to Mount Vernon allows you to experience the culture and the beauty of the plantation-having the opportunity to explore 400 acres makes the adventure worthwhile. Besides the historical aspect of the place, it also allows you to relax by the countryside for a little while, and it is a break well deserved. I mean college is a culture shock and being able to take a break, relax, and spend time with your friends helps the assimilation. I think the trip to Mount Vernon was more than just a historical aspect—I mean anyone can open a textbook or go see a documentary, or even drive up to the manor; however, this trip was about bonding and getting to know the people you are going to spend the next four years with a little better. If you can’t spend the day with these people, then how are you going to get through the next four years of college with them?

Ben Cooper

Staff Writer

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