Making a Dorm into a Home

image-4Dorms are your home away from home. Everyone decorates them differently, that is if you want to. No matter which housing you hail from, each dorm is different from the last. Everyone sets them up to their own accord; either by lofting, rising, or rearranging, dorm room décor can have unlimited possibilities. A dorm room does not have a standard! From cleanliness to creativity, this small space can say a lot about their residents. For a room that is supposed to be a place a you call your own for eighth months out of the year, it should not be something worth dreading, and unless a jail cell is something that you’ve always dreamed of living in, a dorm room does not have to be an entrance to the depths of hell. If you are not as fortunate enough to have a spacious room and you feel like it is 90% furniture, then rearrange it to your liking—you and your roommate do not need to have identical sides! As a freshman, I did not know what to expect (until I watched the tutorial video, and I realized the guy in it was lying when he said the dorm rooms in my housing were spacious and I almost cried), but being here for a few weeks, I’m trying to adjust my room the way I want it to be. I have around eighth months to figure out what I want anyhow, but for now, I am just trying to make it livable.

Ben Cooper

Staff Writer

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