Smoking: A New Perspective


From having a cigarette break between classes to just enjoying one right before going out, students can be seen taking a drag or two all around campus (though the school has a no smoking within twenty-five feet from the building rule); smoking, which has been around for years, has a unique affect that calms people. Though cigarettes are starting to have a stigma towards them, people still do it- having a cigarette allows someone to control their anxiety/stress, as well as clearing a head or two. After seeing, as well as contributing to, Monday’s poll on whether campus should be smoke free or not, I noticed that the results were uniform across the board; and having no clear answer on whether or not campus should allow smoking, I feel like smoking is not that big of an issue. Though biased, I still think smoking is bad, and my only request is that smokers should be more cautious about who they smoke around- secondhand smoke is a real factor, and some people do not take kindly to it, and as to not perturb anyone’s lungs, smokers should be less protrusive. Just because smokers are willingly allowing harm to their bodies does not mean onlookers want the same fate.

Ben Cooper

Staff Writer

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