The Elm Goes to Club Fair


It’s that time of year again at Washington College and club fair is back at it! With many new faces and eager freshmen looking to branch out, it’s all of the different clubs’ opportunities to do some hands on recruiting. The club fair is the perfect place to find out what’s going on around campus and to easily get involved. From sports, to student government, to language clubs, the fair has it all!

Here, Derek Stiles, the Elm’s sports editor, is manning the table at the club fair. The club fair is a great way to get to know more about the Elm and its staff. Derek gladly answers questions for people interested, and works hard to recruit passers-by. The Elm staff is friendly and approachable, so if you happen to see them elsewhere on campus, do not hesitate to ask them any questions. Getting involved at WAC is easy and has many great rewards, and working for the Elm is a great way to learn more about campus and all it has to offer!

Brooke Harig

Staff Photographer 

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