Getting to Know the Class of 2018


Here we have First Years, Selam Mengistean, Soukaina Jazouli, and Melanie Sheehan who were heading to the OIT help desk, when I approached them to ask about their first week at WAC. In response, they said that their favorite thing that they have done at Washington College so far was their visit to Annapolis; Selam said, “The food was amazing and the buildings were really cool.”
As far as events on campus, the three girls said that they also enjoyed the party that the Students Events Board held, during which the band, Hot Tub Limo, played for the students in the Goose Nest. Melanie said, “I liked the band members’ cool beards.”
When the girls want to study or just have some down time, the library is the place for them! However, Melanie prefers the library basement because “it seemed really quiet.” The girls said they were originally excited and nervous for classes to start this past Monday, but their classes turned out to be much better than they expected! When compared to orientation, which can be rather hectic, Melanie said, “Classes are much better.” After three days of classes the girls say they are getting into a routine and things are becoming more familiar.
There are many things the girls are looking forward to experiencing during their time here at Washington College. Selam is eager for Thanksgiving, since this year will be her first time celebrating the North American Holiday. They are also looking forward to the WAC tradition of May Day; however, they are unsure of what to expect and whether or not they want to partake in the festivities.

Brooke Harig

Staff Photographer

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