We’re Back in Action!

Editor In Chief, Paige Kube, teaches the editors the steps to using InDesign.
Editor In Chief, Paige Kube, teaches the editors the steps to using InDesign.

The Elm and The Leaf are back everyone! So turn in those Elm Newspaper Submissions and check out our Facebook page, The Elm, because we are coming back stronger than ever with the help of our annual bootcamp. What is bootcamp you ask? The Elm bootcamp is a week long orientation for staff editors in which we sharpen our interview, layout, InDesign, and Photoshop skills through workshops, special guests, and an amazing Editor in Chief, Paige Kube, and Faculty Advisor, Melissa McIntire. This year bootcamp kicked off with a layout workshop with Kent County News’s very own Trish McGee who stressed the importance of presentation and order. Then, Melissa McIntire and Owen Bailey led us on a tour of Chestertown with a picnic lunch included; but, what would the Elm be without a little challenge? Our challenge was to interview three of Chestertown’s wonderful residents in order to find out what the community acknowledges as the “Must Sees” of the town. Interested in hearing about what they had to say? Check out our upcoming issues, which will not only give you our interview results, but will also inform you of exciting things like the Chester River Packet, Wacisms, and Movie Reviews! We are only into our second day and we are already in the process of editing new online articles (which come out this Friday on our website, http://elm.washcoll.edu) and brainstorming for our first print issue, which will be out on Thursday, August 28, 2014! So don’t be shy, grab yourself an Elm! 

Thy Humble Leaf,

Kayla Kyle

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