Friday Feature: “Hundred Proof”, an Exhibition

Today, Washington College saw the grand opening of this year’s “Hundred Proof” art exhibition, as well as the satellite exhibition, “This Used to be a Racquet Ball Court…(and it bothers you more than it bothers me)”. Below is a gallery of photos taken at the Kohl Gallery, as well as the Racquet Ball Court. Artists featured are: Meghan Budge, Patrick Derrickson, Austin Lewis, Emily McWilliams, Bethany Palkovitz, Ryan Stevens, Jenn Swaine, Liz Wiley, Courtney Walls, Monica Benitez, Eric Burcin, Jordan Cannon, Ian Culcasi, Meghan Dulin, Owen Gavin, Catie Hamilton, Ariel Jicha, Andradene Lowe, Sarah Nagel, Kylie Nottingham, Nicholas Parrish, Jacqueline Petito, Rachel Rahm, Katie Ridgeway, Anya Schultz, Tim Shearer, Gavin Shuart, Eric Siegel, Jenn Swaine, Laura Tocci, Melanie Torzolini, and Katie Walker. Enjoy!

Thy Humble Leaf,

Kayla Kyle

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