Newsy Monday: WAC goes to Seattle


Sleepless in Seattle? (Hint: It’s because of all the Starbucks!)

From February 26 to March 1, four WC students attended the Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference in Seattle, Washington. Here are their top moments from the event:

Harris Allgeier:

“My top moment would be discovering ‘Ass Goblins of Auschwitz,’” a potentially lesser-known literary classic. Well, maybe not known at all. And definitely not a classic.

Grace Arenas:

“The first panel I attended was called ‘Women Writing Memoir as an Act of Rebellion.’ A bunch of fabulous, inspiring women telling me to write in order to take down the patriarchy? I’m in.”

Maddie Zins:

“When I heard Chad Sweeney, one of my favorite poets, speaking on a panel about the wonder and astonishment in poetry, and meeting him afterward,” a majorly inspiring moment.

Todd Cooley:

“I had a lot of beautiful moments at the bookfair and at the conference, but getting to take in Seattle was the most beautiful part of the trip. It is, hands down, the most gorgeous city I’ve ever had the opportunity to lurk around at midnight.”

-Grace Arenas, Lifestyle Editor

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