Tattuesday: One From Our Very Own Editor In Chief


The Elm’s very own editor in chief, Kay Wicker, presents us with one of her many tattoos, a fabulous quill, and tells us her story. Check it out!

“I got my tattoo when I was 18 about five years ago from Bobby at Body FX. It was my first tattoo so I wanted something simple and slightly more obvious in meaning. Rookie mindset haha. By that summer I had just graduated high school and had realized my passion for writing. I was getting ready to make a major transition from adolescence into young adulthood with very little direction, but I knew whatever I ended up doing it would be with writing. Tattoos are a family thing. All of my cousins have them so when we all get together which is usually for special occasions and major events someone generally gets a tattoo! I was the only one without one at the time so I finally caved. I didn’t know when the rest of my cousins would be around next so it was sort of now or never. Even though it doesn’t have the deepest meaning or is all that unique in concept, it’ll never not hold the resonance that it does. It was my first, I got it in the summer with my cousins all around me, and it was a promise to myself to keep writing no matter what. It’s so neat thinking about it now that I’m a senior with several more tattoos since then.”

What a beautiful story! Look for more WAC tattoos every Tuesday!

Thy Humble Leaf,

Kayla Kyle

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