Newsy Monday: The Increased Violence in Our Society

The Right To Bare ArmsOur world today is full of new and exciting technology, such as the iPhone 5 and lasers; however such advancements also come with consequences. The advancement of weapons was certainly a fast progression especially during World War II, where machine guns, air warfare, and mustard gas came into play. Therefore, it is no surprise that today there exists a vast variety of guns that society has access to, which certainly is legal under the second amendment: the right to bare arms; however, with an increase in public shootings, one begins to question whether or not the government should tighten gun laws or even restrict possession of guns. For example, on January 25, 2014, Darion Aguilar walked into the Columbia mall and started shooting in the food court, killing two people, and then himself. Then, we have the list of school shootings that seem to add up monthly, like the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, or even the shooting in Aurora, Colorado during the premiere of the most recent Batman film. Such events have made congress and President Obama question how they should approach gun allowance and they certainly should question gun handling after the death of many innocent people. However, what does that mean for the second amendment? What will that mean for the protection of citizens? These questions are certainly more complex than they seem and gun control is definitely a sticky situation, but hopefully we can find something that will stop this overabundance of gun violence. Tell us your opinion in the poll below.

Thy Humble Leaf,

Kayla Kyle


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