Friday Features: Is there a Ghost in the Pub House?


In the words of Elm Editor Megan McCurdy ’14, “newspaper working is hard,” but it is also terribly fun. Long nights and lots of laughs go into each issue of our school newspaper but some of the best stories come from the newsroom. So here at The Leaf every Friday you will get a sneak peek to the Behind-The-Scenes of the paper. So sit back, relax and get ready for the shenanigans!

Monday morning, January 27th, Megan McCurdy ‘14, Katie Tabeling ‘14, and Paige Kube ’15 arrived at the Sears House bright-eyed and bushytailed, unaware of the horrors the day would bring. The three Elm editors settled in for a morning of layout work when they heard a loud banging outside. A quick glance out of the window proved fruitless so they continued their work. Tense minutes passed before they heard the banging again, this time louder; fearful of its source but determined to be productive, the editors decided to investigate.

Not one to dive headlong into danger, Paige made sure that the group, “equipped themselves properly to defend from the dangerous terrain.” Equipped, in this sense, meant safety scissors, a hole punch, and a bottle of window cleaner.  As they made their way into the unknown of the sitting room Katie made sure to keep watch over the back of the group, “because that’s how they get you in every crime show, [when] you’re not looking.” Though prepared for a fight the group only found a fire poker, which was quickly added to their weapons inventory.

Relieved about their unsuccessful scouting trip, the editors made their way back to the newsroom but as they passed the threshold they remembered the basement door. With the fear that an intruder had snuck into the lower level they decided to call in the big guns, Public Safety. The officers were prompt in their arrival and diligent in their search, but their report revealed no suspicious activity. With no answers to the source of the sounds the editors quickly finished their work and headed for the safe haven of campus.

So, what actually happened? Where did the noise come from? Was it a prowler or an Elm Editor-in-Chief of the past? Regardless of the source of the disturbance Megan believes, “it might be worth it to have someone come in and bless the house,” and with those spooky noises, why not?

Written by: Cara Murray

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