Thrilling Thursday: Let’s Learn about George

George Washington Back in the Day
George Washington Back in the Day

Want to wow your friends with random trivia? Woo them with useless facts? Then Thursdays at The Leaf are for you. Welcome to the first “Thrilling Thursday,” and learn why George Washington is the coolest president/namesake ever.

George Washington is his full name

While this may not seem like a huge deal, I feel as though it speaks levels to his coolness factor. He’s like an early Prince or Cher; what you see is what you get. To be honest unless he had a crazy awesome middle name like Augustus or Remmington, the addition would have ruined it. His wife on the other hand rocked the multiple names, and you need a name like Martha Dandridge Custis to compete with Mr. Washington.

George contracted smallpox while on vacation and didn’t even flinch

That’s right, smallpox. While visiting Barbados with family he managed to catch a little illness that was the hot topic in the 1750s. While this could have dampened his spirits, he managed to not only survive the small affliction but develop an immunity to it. This most likely made him appear to have a superhero like immune system back in the day, but I can only speculate.

George was one snazzy dancer

Everyone likes a good party, and it seems that George was no exception. When his social status began to rise, so did the number of cotillion invites. According to accounts from those parties he was one smooth criminal on the dance floor and a huge hit with the ladies. One thing is certain, he would tear up Birthday Ball.

George’s signature locks were au natural

Unlike all of the other hip kids of the day, George never wore a wig and for good reason. Who would want to cover up that amazing mane? He did, however, powder his hair but we can forgive his attempt at being trendy. I know I’ve tried a fashion fad that turned fashion faux pas more than once.

George was a keen businessman… of booze

When some people reach retirement age, they go golfing or take a trip to the Keys, but if you’re G Dubs, you decide it’s the best time to create and operate your own whiskey distillery. While owning a distillery is awesome enough, George took it one step further and made sure it was the largest distillery of its time. Best. Founding Father. Ever.

We all know the good that George Washington has done, establishing the United States and not telling lies but let’s also remember him as he was, the fashion forward, dancing, home-brewing ladies man. In other words George would make the perfect Washington College student.

Written by Cara Murray


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