Tattuesday: I Mustache You About Your Tattoo


Welcome to “Tattuesday”, where we tell the story behind unique tattoos found around campus. Today, we start our very first “Tattuesday” with one of our very own, Megan McCurdy, a News Editor of the Elm. Megan has multiple tattoos, but the one that catches your eye is her mustache tattoo that is located on her pointer finger. Her is what she had to say about her tattoo story!

The mustache came into Megan’s life at a young age when she found it fun to draw one on her finger for giggles. (Who doesn’t do that?). After many good times with temporary mustaches, she decided that it was time to make it permanent. So while she was in Ireland last spring, she decided (because she was bored…in Ireland) to wander around and find a tattoo shop to make her childhood pastime permanent. Her travels ended when she found a tattoo artist named “Magik” who was apparently “jazzed” and amused to tattoo a mustache on Megan’s finger. After a lovely session full of Magik’s giggles and needles, Megan’s finger was finally adorned with a permanent mustache.

To this day, Megan still entertains herself and everyone around her with her mustache finger, especially when she unknowingly sits with her mustache propped perfectly over her lips.

Thy Humble Leaf,

Kayla Kyle

Social Media Editor

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