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target-2013Merry Xmas? Love, Target

I love Target as much as the next person, but this security breach is just ridiculous. As one of the affected and with so many new developments coming out daily, I want to take you through my experience.

Around early November, hackers discovered the vulnerability of Target’s crediting systems and took advantage of their irresponsible openness. Throughout the entire Christmas season, shoppers were unknowingly having the information stolen by Target hackers. Not until mid Dec. were customers alerted that their credit card information could have been stolen. After a week I received a separate email saying that I was one of the affected – a number that now stretches to 110 million, as of Jan. 10 according to the New York Times.

Credit card fraud is one thing, but a stolen debit card is another. When someone’s credit card information is used for a fraudulent purchase, the actual owner will simply not pay for that purchase and promptly file a theft report. Unfortunately with debit card theft, it’s not that easy. Lucky for me my debit card information was stolen… (sarcasm)

With my debit card, the hackers could have literally taken my so-called “real” money. Once I got the email saying I was “affected,” I panicked. I’m only 19 years old; what do I know about data breaches?! I frantically called my bank to tell them about my situation and after waiting on hold for a painstakingly long thirty minutes I managed to speak to a real human being.

Because my debit card was stolen, not just a credit card, I immediately put a hold on all my money (ha – like college students have money..) and requested a new card. After about a week on living off of next to nothing I got my new card and ended up having no money stolen – win!

I guess the biggest disappointment in all this, is that Target was so irresponsible with shopper’s personal information and even after owning up to their mistake not much in the way of an apology was issued. In my opinion, I think a nice gift card is in order.

Shorewoman & Proud – Emma

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